Catholic bookshops and Catholic publishing houses

About five percent of annual new book releases in the book market deal with religious themes. A major share of these are printed by the roughly 50 Catholic publishing houses, most of which are privately owned. In addition to monastery shops, which are increasingly important distributors of religious literature, the market is primarily served by approx. 80 Catholic bookshops.

Joint stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair. (© kna)

In order to draw more attention to denominational publications, various publishing houses with religious books on their lists teamed up to host a joint exhibition stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair with the Catholic Media Association (Katholischer Medienverband - KM) acting as coordinator.

Since 2005, more than 30 publishers and Catholic institutions have participated in this joint stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair.


Religious literature stands

Many churches and educational centres display religious literature with the wide range of publications including leaflets, meditation guides and books. The choice of the media, advice, logistic support and training of staff in the parishes is provided, among others, by:
Die Katholische Schriftenmission (KSM) in Leutesdorf:

Johannesbund e.V.

Katholische Schriftenmission
Hauptstr. 108
56599 Leutesdorf
Tel.: +49 (0)2631 – 976-192
Fax: +49 (0)2631 – 976250

Catholic media associations

Media representatives in the secular and denominational scenes who commit themselves to ethical values and a Christian view of man can set positive trends in society, within the Catholic Church and in the media world. Their interests are represented by two associations: Gesellschaft katholischer Publizisten (GkP) and Katholischer Medienverband (KM).

GkP is an independent association of journalists who, out of their Christian responsibility, endeavour to carry out their profession in the service of society and the Church. GkP supports the professional education and training of its members, promotes their religious and professional activities and speaks up for international understanding and tolerance. The roughly 500 members represent all kinds of secular and religious media: TV and newspaper editors, press spokespersons, publishers, communication scientists, trainees and students pursuing a journalistic career.

KM unites about 200 denominational media companies with a Catholic orientation. Its members include specialized bookshops, large media companies, consumer publishers, diocesan newspapers and also advertising agencies. KM represents the interests of this wide range of members and defines position statements on media policy issues. KM promotes the dissemination of Christian values in the media. The individual professional groupings within the association – editors, booksellers, magazine and book publishers – are represented in separate forums. Sound training and education opportunities for professionals and trainees are a matter of particular concern to KM.

Further information:

KM. katholischermedienverband e.V.
Grillparzerstraße 12
81675 München
Tel: +40 (0)89 – 517010-36
Fax: +49 (0)89 – 517010-38

Gesellschaft katholischer Publizisten Deutschlands e.V.
Overather Straße 51-53
51429 Bergisch-Gladbach
Tel.: +49 (0)2204 – 408421
Fax: +49 (0)2204 – 408420


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