Commission for Ecumenical Relations

The Commission for Ecumenical Relations is responsible for addressing basic questions of ecumenical theology, such as justification, the understanding of ministry and the notion of the Church, and for the relations with the non-Catholic Churches in Germany. A special Sub-Commission is dedicated to the religious relations with the Jews.


Commission for Ecumenical Relations (II)

  • Dr. Gerhard Feige, Bishop of Magdeburg, President
  • Heinz Josef Algermissen, Bishop of Fulda, Vice President
  • Dr. Ulrich Neymeyr, Bishop of Erfurt
  • Dr. Karl-Heinz Wiesemann, Bishop of Speyer
  • Dr. Nikolaus Schwerdtfeger, Auxiliary Bishop and Diocesan Administrator in Hildesheim
  • Hubert Berenbrinker, Auxiliary Bishop in Paderborn
  • Dr. Thomas Löhr, Auxiliary Bishop in Limburg
  • Rolf Steinhäuser, Auxiliary Bishop in Köln
  • Wilhelm Zimmermann, Auxiliary Bishop in Essen
  • Horst Eberlein, Auxiliary Bishop in Hamburg

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