Commission for Pastoral Care

The Commission for Pastoral Care is primarily responsible for observing the pastoral care in parishes, the changing pastoral structures and the various pastoral services (e.g. police chaplaincy, chaplaincy in prisons and hospitals, telephone counselling, pastoral care in rural areas, corporate chaplaincy, etc.). Moreover, it explores new ways of evangelisation on the Internet, in tourism and in urban experiential spaces. The Commission is assisted by holders of Chairs of Pastoral Theology, by a variety of associations and societies and by religious communities. The Commission for Pastoral Care has an associated Sub-Commission for Women in the Church and Society.

Commission for Pastoral Care (III)

  • Dr. Franz-Josef Bode, Bishop of Osnabrück, President of the Commission and Vice-President of the German Bishops' Conference
  • Dr. Ludwig Schick, Archbishop of Bamberg, Vice President of the Commission
  • Wolfgang Ipolt, Bishop of Görlitz
  • Heinrich Timmerevers, Bishop of  Dresden-Meißen
  • Dr. Helmut Dieser, Bishop of Aachen
  • Ulrich Boom, Auxiliary Bishop and Diocesan Administrator in Würzburg
  • Wolfgang Bischof, Auxiliary Bishop in München und Freising
  • Ludger Schepers, Auxiliary Bishop in Essen
  • Rolf Steinhäuser, Auxiliary Bishop in Köln
  • Matthäus Karrer, Auxiliary Bishop in Rottenburg-Stuttgart
  • Rolf Lohmann, Auxiliary Bishop in Münster

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