Department for Doctrine and Education

The Department for Doctrine and Faith serves the following five commissions:

Fields of work:

  • Ecumenical relations (understanding of the Eucharist and of ministry, relations with the Eastern Churches, cooperation with the Council of Christian Churches, relations with the Jews)
  • Doctrinal questions and bioethics (current basic questions of faith, e.g. image of God, the Eucharist, and of life sciences, e.g. cloning)
  • Education and schools / theory of religious education (educational and school system, especially religious education and Catholic schools)
  • Science and university / arts and culture (universities and theological faculties, student grants, promotion of science, arts and culture)
  • Liturgy (questions of worship in liturgy, liturgical books of the Church, e.g. Roman Missal, prayer and hymn book)

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