Association of German Dioceses (VDD)

The Association of German Dioceses is the legal entity of the German Bishops’ Conference. It was founded on 4 March 1968 as a public law corporation. The VDD associates all 27 dioceses which are legally and economically independent. Chairman of the plenary assembly of the VDD is the President of the German Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx (Archbishop of Munich and Freising). Bishop Dr. Gregor Maria Hanke OSB is both Chairman of the VDD governing board and Chairman of the VDD association committee.

The General Secretary of the German Bishops’ Conference, Pater Dr. Hans Langendörfer SJ, is the VDD Managing Director. Benno Wagner is the VDD Acting Vice Managing Director and at the same time Director of the VDD office in Bonn.

The Association is legally represented by the Chairman of the plenary assembly, by the Chairman of the governing board or by the Managing Director, with every one of them having the sole power of representation.

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