Association of German Dioceses (VDD) - Office

The Secretariat of the German Bishops’ Conference © Dietmar Strauß

The VDD office is located in the building of the Secretariat of the German Bishops’ Conference (Kaiserstraße 161, Bonn).

The VDD office is spread in four service units: finances and fiscal areas, personnel, legal areas and central services / organisation.

Finance and Tax Service Unit

  • Head of the Service Unit, budgeting, accounting, beneficiaries:
    Michael Bender, Phone: 0228/103-278, Fax: 0228/ 103-371, E-Mail: m.bender(at)

  • General tax legislation, church tax, clearing-procedure:
    Eva Scheidemantel, Phone: 0228/103-277, Fax: 0228/103-371, E-Mail: e.scheidemantel(at)

Human Resources Service Unit

  • Head of the Service Unit, applications, artists’ social security fund, funds for the provision of staff:
    Johannes Stücker-Brüning, Phone: 0228/103-280,
    Fax: 0228/103-371, E-Mail: j.stuecker-bruening(at)

Legal Affairs Service Unit

  • Head of the Service Unit, labour law, civil law, commercial law, Ecclesiastical Labour Tribunal:
    Dr Martin Fuhrmann, Phone: 0228/103-216, Fax: 0228/103-371, E-Mail: m.fuhrmann(at)

  • General legal issues, contract law, law on associations, ordinance law:
    Christoph Schmitt, Phone: 0228/103-281, Fax: 0228/103-371, E-Mail: c.schmitt(at)

  • Contracts, copyright, media law, KZVK:
    Bernhard Moormann, Phone: 0228/103-264, Fax: 0228/103-371, E-Mail: b.moormann(at)

  • Data protection law, registration law, Zentral-KODA (Central Commission in charge of regulating employment contract law for Church employees):
    Martina Burke, Phone: 0228/103-239, Fax: 0228/103-371,
    E-Mail: m.burke(at)

  • Occupational safety and health protection, Verbands-KODA:
    Gabriele Marks, Phone: 0228/103-273, Fax: 0228/103-371, E-Mail: g.marks(at)

Central Services and Organisation Unit

  • Head of the unit, IT, procurement management, facility management, property insurance management:
    Dr Stefan Tillenburg, Phone: 0228/103-238, Fax: 0228/103-371, E-Mail: s.tillenburg(at)

  • Church registers, statistics:
    Andreas Rogozinski, Phone: 0228/103-311, Fax: 0228/103-371, E-Mail: a.rogozinski(at)

  • Registration system, OSCI x-meld:



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